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BLOG: Nonsensus 2023 Recap – Quest4Designs

BLOG: Nonsensus 2023 Recap – Quest4Designs


The first privacy blockchain convention of its kind took place starting on Halloween 2023 in Phoenix, AZ. People from all over the world gathered to discuss the state of private-by-default blockchains, along with the tools and solutions being developed for everyone’s benefit. Developer talks covered a range of topics, including dApp development, new capabilities, and solutions. The workshops offered a deep dive into the technology, highlighting new methods for building unstoppable applications.

What is Nonsensus?

Nonsensus is a privacy and freedom focused blockchain event, with DERO at its core. Community members have united to create an entity dedicated to promoting DERO, Civilware, and the privacy movement in general. This is achieved through organizing events, workshops, and building a media platform to facilitate team building and media outreach. Nonsensus, the first-ever meet-up of its kind, aims to solidify relationships within the privacy blockchain community, accelerate networking to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in the conversation, and contribute further to societal discourse.

What attendees are saying about the event:

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A Call to Action

Seeking Digital Refuge? Welcome Home.

Dero is the sanctuary for those who have faced censorship. It’s a platform where equality reigns and free, private interactions are the norm. If you’re longing for a community free from censorship, Dero is your new home.

Developers Needed!

Are you an experienced programmer or someone eager to dive into cutting-edge technology? We invite you to join our community and contribute to our vision. We’re looking for web developers, backend developers, testers, integration analysts, and visionaries. Join us, build with us, and enjoy the support of Dero’s entire developer community.

Investors Welcome.

In a world where crypto is often associated with scams, Dero stands apart. We’re not just about financial gain; our mission is to liberate people from the constraints of a debt-based monetary system and to envision a better world. If you see the potential in Dero, we encourage you to do your research, set up a wallet, run a node, and invest in Dero’s promising future.


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