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BLOG: My thoughts on Nonsensus – TheOA

BLOG: My thoughts on Nonsensus – TheOA

When I think about Nonsensus and the message it portrays, one phrase comes up:


What is grassroots? To me, it is the common people, not corporation, not big business, just people and their own ideas about what might be great for other people.

Minimal influence from outside interests, things motivated by profit, monetary gain. Maximum interest in concepts that are in keeping with the original philosophy of Bitcoin. Decentralisation, trustless-ness, permission-less, autonomous, transparency, peer to peer.

A focus on what we find interesting, and what we seem to find interesting in the blockchain/crypto space is protocols, algorithms, ways of accomplishing a thing with a focal point on reducing reliance and trust in peer-to-peer systems. Encouraging autonomy, your ability to maintain control of what is yours and still be able to accomplish the tasks you would like to do. Naturally, more decentralisation comes with trade-offs which are usually speed/scalability. So we find this balance.

But beyond just blockchain, grassroots harbours ideas that revolve around freedom, individual autonomy of thought, actions, things beyond just keeping control of your own assets.

I have found, since discovering DERO project, that to be able to comprehend these ideas, context of the real world and how it operates is paramount. Otherwise, you would have no frame of reference for anything. For example, open, transparent account balances for private individual people may seem like a great idea, in a vacuum or behind rose tinted glasses.

But what about a world where data harvesting, kidnapping, and one that generally looks to control your every move is reality? Maybe account balances would be better off confidential? Or sending/receiving addresses better off anonymous. This would sound reasonable if you have more knowledge of how things work or what is possible. You might find yourself thinking that transparent account balances where anyone can peer into your wallet is not an option, at any point, ever.

So, to this point, concepts we can utilize living our lives is important, ideas that allow us to truly comprehend this thing we call freedom. Ideas of Law, order, social constructs, psychological techniques. Once we have knowledge of other pillars of life, we can more clearly see the need for this thing called privacy, these protocols that rely on no man. Context.

This is stuff useful to people, me and you. This isn’t much use to a corporation because a corporation is not us. It can never be us. A venture capital firm is interested in….capital. Money. It cares little how that is achieved. The people like me and you that run it are incentivized to gain…capital.
Let’s bring blockchain back to what it is meant to be, about us, private people and let’s focus on ideas that forward our freedom and autonomy.

That is what I think Nonsensus is about, it is about us!

Privacy Together.

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