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BLOG: Nonsensus 2023: A Soulful Gathering of Friends and Visionaries – Kalina Lux

BLOG: Nonsensus 2023: A Soulful Gathering of Friends and Visionaries – Kalina Lux

Hey beautiful souls!

Get ready for Nonsensus 2023, a magical gathering where friends, dreamers, and innovators come together to dance with the mysteries of blockchain, freedom, and love. I’m beyond excited to introduce you to some of my dear friends who’ll be lighting up the stage with their wisdom and passion.

Slixe: Exploring DERO with Heart and Mind My friend Slixe is going to take us on a cosmic journey into DERO. From Graviton DB to PoW mining, we’ll explore the universe of this encrypted platform. It’s like a spiritual awakening, but with technology!

SixofClubs: A Creative Exploration of DERO Tokens SixofClubs, a self-taught wizard of dApps, will paint a vivid picture of DERO Tokens, Gnomon, and dApps. It’s like a beautiful dance of code and creativity, and I can’t wait to see where it leads us!

TheObjectiveAlpha: A New Vision for Stablecoins TheObjectiveAlpha will guide us back to the true essence of crypto, like a wise sage leading us to a stable and decentralized future. It’s a call to honor the spirit of what crypto set out to be, and it’s pure magic.

Kalina Lux: My Journey of Love, Art, and Cryptography That’s me, your friend Kalina! I’ll be sharing my heart’s journey from Templīs Aquária to Tarot ILUMA on DERO. It’s all about love, healing, and the power of human dignity. Let’s embrace our truth together!

Apollo: Building Dreams with DERO Apollo, a true innovator, will unveil the power of DERO through Private Islands and DerBNB. It’s like building castles in the sky, but with code! Prepare to be inspired.

Azylem: Growing Together in Blockchain Development Azylem’s wisdom is like a nurturing tree, bridging perspectives and fostering collaboration. This talk is a garden of ideas, and we’re all invited to grow together.

Bisounours: The Symphony of DERO dApps Bisounours will play a melody of Web2 vs. Web3 applications, crafting beautiful interfaces for DERO Dapps. It’s like a symphony of innovation, and we’re all part of the orchestra.

B. Waldo: Mining DERO with Joy and Light B. Waldo will sprinkle stardust on the world of mining DERO. It’s a step-by-step dance that invites us all to join in, without worrying about earthly things like hardware expenses.

SecretNameBasis: A Cosmic Story of Crypto Cults Secretnamebasis will share a cosmic story of crypto cults and DERO Entrepreneurship. It’s a blend of history and innovation, like a starlit journey through time.

CakeMaster: Planting Seeds of Decentralization Cakemaster will plant seeds of decentralization through DERO. It’s an invitation to co-create a garden of love, liberty, and human rights.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Friendship and Light Nonsensus 2023 is a festival of love, innovation, and soulful connections. It’s a space where friends unite, dreams blossom, and the future sparkles with possibility. Join us in this extraordinary dance of technology, privacy, and self-governance.

Grab your tickets, beautiful friends, and let’s celebrate together at Nonsensus!

Kalina Lux

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