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DERO CLI Wallet & Node – Extended Setup For Beginners – RBM Crypto

DERO CLI Wallet & Node – Extended Setup For Beginners – RBM Crypto

This video is an in-depth guide showing you how to setup your DERO Node and Wallet using the Command Line Interface wallet. I show you the proper commands to use when starting your Node and Wallet as well as how to connect to the RPC Bridge to use websites like DERONFTs.

In this guide

CLI Wallet Download:

RPC Bridge Extension:

Step 1 – Fast Sync Command Line to Sync your DERO Node:

Once your node is synced to the most recent block you no longer need the –fastsync command.

Step 2 – Once Node is synced, exit, reopen with regular Command:

Step 3 – Wallet Launch Command:

You will use Step 2 and Step 3 command lines every time you open your node and your wallet.
You can remove the RPC commands if you don’t want to access the RPC bridge.

** DISCLAIMER ** Information provided is solely for educational and informational purposes. Nothing in this video and the information provided in it should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. We are not responsible for any funds lost due to platform or user error.

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