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Storing DERO – Full Node & CLI Wallet Creation Guide (Windows) – RBM Crypto

Storing DERO – Full Node & CLI Wallet Creation Guide (Windows) – RBM Crypto

This video will show you how to setup a full node on DERO and create your own wallet using the CLI Wallet interface. This is a Windows installation for the Stargate Mainnet ONLY. If you have DERO coins on Atlantis still you will need to swap those. Visit the DERO Website for more information.

In this guide:

DERO Website:

If you don’t want to run a full node and only want to use the CLI wallet and create a new wallet using a remote node, you can do this as well. Create a shortcut of your CLI wallet application and add “–remote” to the shortcut target. Visit the DERO documentation on their website for more information if you are having issues setting that up.
When syncing your full node, the 130000-140000 phase and the 150000-160000 phase will be slow as a major amount of registrations occurred during these periods.

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